Where is the Innovation?

Great News Future People!

I have recently been exposed to some fantastic future(s) news that will give every reader of this thought letter a strategic advantage for the next five to ten years.

About 50% of today's S&P 500 does no R&D, none, ZERO, and only 32% are spending $1 or more. During the one of the most historic periods that is ripe for disruptions, the leaders of these top 339 companies feel so good about today's markets, social evolutions and current world history and are saying in board meetings, "what we're doing today, its good and will steer us into the future".

We have to start imagining, a Future(s) of Accounting that calculates R&D into their percentage of Sales. In the U.S., R&D is treated as a current cost against revenue. In reality, it is an investment in the long-term cash flow generation of a firm. Of course, it should be capitalized and expensed over time, just like a machine or any other capital expenditure.



The Future(s) of Communication - Foldable Phone or Holograms??

“Even though the foldables form factor is a tiny portion of the smartphone market, it has caught on quickly primarily because “it’s the most different thing to happen to the smartphone industry,” - IDC

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Or Holograms??

Maybe the EU can save our Future(s) of Communication and make our vision come true and there are several European companies that are working together on a joint project to achieve mass-market holographic communication.

Assembled with standard smartphones and VR glasses, the hologram call should feel like a normal video call, with the selfie camera on the smartphone filming the face, and each caller seeing the other as a digital hologram in his or her VR glasses, with the 3D effects delivered via AI, all achievable thanks to the 5G network.

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The Future of Sports / Sports Betting

The NBA LaunchPad, its future(s) initiative to source, evaluate, and pilot emerging technologies that advance the NBA’s top basketball and business priorities is to attract talented entrepreneurs and companies that can innovate the NBA ecosystem.

This year, its crowdsourcing ideas are around both the sport itself and fan engagement.

The three fan-based priority areas are:
Game Production and Viewing Experience
In-Seat Experience
Sports Betting Experience

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Future of Cosmetics

The make-up category has been energized by an outpouring of post-pandemic creativity and a desire to do things differently. As we head to the Future(s), existing beauty codes and behaviors will continue to be challenged, and cosmetics brands will need to embrace creativity, experimentation and technology to succeed.

Emerging from the pandemic era relatively unscathed, the global make-up market size is set to reach $50.28bn by 2028.

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Future(s) of Billionaires

This path as been recently blessed by Rihanna, Barbados' most famous export, and is a billionaire thanks to the success of cosmetics line Fenty Beauty.

The cosmetics company, which she co-owns with French luxury retailer LVMH, generated more than $550 million in revenue in 2020.

See you at the Superbowl RiRi!

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Future of Afrofuturism

Because of its setting in a wealthy African nation that was never colonized and enjoys indigenous sovereignty, we can look at Black Panther as a blueprint for Black Liberation, which begets liberation for all. Wakandans are a free black people, never colonized, never enslaved, wealth intact etc.

The world of the Black Panther is so intriguing because it invites us to imagine a normal, where Black People have NEVER BEEN OPPRESSED. And, it shows that had that been the case, Blacks would not only be on par with other peoples, the innovation and knowledge of Black peoples would not be stolen and trademarked or unrecognized, and they would be shining beacons of technology and brilliance.

Please enjoy the sounds of Rihanna from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack 



In a market where societies, habits and competitors are evolving faster than ever, and the array of communications channels multiplies almost daily, there is a significant risk of either getting lost along the journey or else scattering in all directions.

Fortunately, having strong Future Vision can prevent just these kinds of setbacks. 

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