What do dyslexic zombies eat? Briannnnns

There is no one Future..

There are many ..

And some of these Future(s) are on solid tracks, some are only Emerging, some haven’t even been Imagined yet.

That’s where I come in.

In my upcoming newsletters and my Future(s) Workshops, you will be exposed to new possibilities, develop mental flexibility and build a sense of confidence that comes from being able to identify specifics and prebuild concreate actions on how the Future(s) may turn out for YOU.

The Future(s) of City Planning
Designed in a pattern similar to brainnnnn coral, the city will consist of 5,000 floating units including houses, restaurants, shops and schools, with canals running in between.
The first units were revealed in July with residents starting to move in early 2024, and the whole city is due to be completed by 2027.

Just a normal city but it floats and bypassing the future(s) issues due to climate changes.

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A floating city in the Maldives begins to take shape - CNN Style

The Future(s) of Longevity
The relationship between nutrition and brainnnnn health is well established and even more poignant in our ageing population, where there is an increased risk of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. More and more people are turning towards brain healthy diets such as the MIND diet - a brain-healthy diet that stands for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. It’s a hybrid of the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) and the Mediterranean diet, and it focuses on food groups in each diet that can boost your brainpower and protect it from age-related problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

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Here’s the latest paper on the subject: Optimal flickering light stimulation for entraining gamma waves in the human brain | Scientific Reports (

Future(s) of Smart Cities
The Chinese Launched a "City Brainnnn”, in which cameras and sensors are linked to the system, which is supported by advanced technologies such as Big Data and AI. It breaks the boundaries of different areas and government authorities and offers an intelligent approach to Urban management to tackle endless complaints such as noisy neighbors, poor driving manner and potential safety risks. Cameras installed on roadsides and intersections are programmed to distinguish sounds from other sounds.

If rules are broken, like speeding or leaving trash out in the open, police and other officials are notified within minutes.

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Imagination Leadership Workshop

Learn the neuroscience of Future(s) imagining and simple techniques to strengthen the Brainnnn pathways that support future thinking, simulations skills, positive overlays and tap into group intelligence.This training requires you or your leadership team to imagine things that don't exist yet, to invent brand new possibilities, both good and bad.

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Goal: Stimulating the "default modes" of the brain which ignores realities and reaches for something new in the world. In part of this workshop, we focus on a specific kind of future imaginings and running simulations and other creative experiments technique to induce creativity.