The Future(s) of Transportation

Electrifying Highways and Reaching for the Stars

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Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be electrified (like the roads and skies) by what the future(s) may hold for us today and generations to follow!

Believe it or not, electric vehicles currently make up less than 1% of the vast 279 million cars and light trucks gracing American roads. Even California, the land of innovation and sun-kissed highways, can only boast a mere 2.6% of registered EVs.

But hold onto your gas tanks, because in the next five to ten years the “signs” suggest opportunities, hitting like an electrifying surge. Something we haven’t seen since the 19th century’s electric trolly days.

With groundbreaking advancements and a jolt of innovation, I forecast that the electric truck industry, although sputtering money and driving in circles, will eventually change lanes and be gearing up for a shockwave of growth that will leave even the skeptics in awe.

These are impressive numbers, if feasible.

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We begin with the latest news on their 3rd eHighway trials in Germany. Siemens Mobility's eHighway technology is revolutionizing freight transport by directly powering trucks and charging their batteries through an overhead contact line. As the backbone of climate-friendly freight transport on the road, the eHighway system supports various electric drive technologies and supplements stationary charging.

Now, let's tap into our collective imaginations and envision a world where we change from the game changing truck delivery electric road by 90 degrees.

Just as an eHighway redefines oil-base fueled transportation, the Space Elevator redefines all future(s) space explorations.

You need to remember that Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is only 50 miles away and would take you less than an hour to reach, if you could drive straight up.

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A Space Elevator, using a tether from a satellite in geostationary orbit to Earth, could significantly lower the cost of sending payloads to orbit. The main challenge, today, is finding suitable material for the tether. As for power, all you want, and need will be supplied 24/7 by the Space Elevator’s solar panels.

An additional strong indicator is that there are a shocking large number of fictional stories, games, movies that include the space elevator as either the prime or secondary theme or factor of the story.

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Quarzite’s Skyhook - Fandom

Now, I am not sure if I made this part up or it was filed in my subconscious input from the Akashic records and or various sci-fi induced medias for the last 50 years. But it is generally understood that once a civilization reaches the point that they can safely and regularly use a Space Elevator, it reaches a new bragging level around the galaxy’s watercooler and goes up one level.

It shows that your people, your planet, your cultures, have reached another level. This type of project will need smooth and fair implementation of workers, materials, and vast amounts of governments and corporations’ operations and funding just to start building the thing.

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