Imagine Wireless Power

One of the first things that a Futurist, such as myself, will do is to immediately start to work out your mental habits and actively challenging your beliefs.

Together we will get yourself unstuck about the unchangeable, because it might already be changing, and if there is one thing futurists know how to do, is to keep an open mind that literally anything can become different.

Here’s an easy exercise

Consider Wireless Power, yes, exactly how it sounds.

And, you are probably thinking Tesla, and you’d be right. It points out just how forward thinking his ideas: are, were….going to be..

Can you imagine an alternative power source to batteries and electric wires for IoT. WP can solve the challenges that current and future IoT’s power delivery methods face.

Now you may already know some of these alternative “wireless power” solutions which are in the market today, including Qi (charging pad or surface) charging, energy harvesting (or ambient power harvesting), and the others Wireless power systems in development, such as line-of-sight “beaming” wireless technologies.

However, each of these power technologies have severe limitations to rapid innovation and IoT growth.


How big are we talking here? SoftBank predicts that there will be trillion IoT devices estimated to generate $11 trillion in value by 2025. (Three years away)

Cisco expects 500 billion IoT devices to be connected to the Internet by 2030.

With that current state of expansion rate of IoT and other electronic device innovation’s

Our current power delivery methods are simply not sustainable.

Consider the two primary power sources product developers are using today for electronic devices and IoT:

• Batteries: Creating a disposable battery takes thousands of times more energy than the battery actually produces.

Batteries also have product constraints such as weight and size constricting, limited lifespan, labor intensive at scale, an ongoing expense, environmentally taxing.

• Wires: they too are expensive to produce, install and modify. They rely on a rapidly declining resource in copper and have their own safety and sustainability issues.

Now can you imagine? All that extra space in all that hardware because there’s no battery.

There you are, entering a wireless powered room and your smart phone starts charging, your wearable watch, your AR glasses, iPad, laptops, speakers, smart thermostat, on and on.

Now let’s travel into the Future a bit, we are wirelessly powering all the forementioned devices, plus, everything in your house, in fact, your house doesn’t even have outlets because it has no wiring.

The future appliances do not need to be tethered to a specific room or section of a room. Lamps, clocks, ACs, Christmas Trees, all free to move about the house.

What use to be your boring refrigerator, is now a mobile fridge which you can take with you anywhere you want; into the living room, garage or backyard. Maybe because of this, future product designer’s add morphing since the fridge now has numerous uses.

What we know, today, The scale of Iot will be vast!

Were you planning for Wireless power transfer?