Hitting Ludicrous Future(s) Speed

3 Sectors Going Plaid

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In the cult classic Spaceballs, the heroes discover "Ludicrous Speed" - a mind-bending warp velocity that sends their ship hurtling through a trippy, plaid-patterned wormhole. Well, these days certain sectors are accelerating into obsolescence at a similarly ludicrous pace. Buckle up, because we're about to go plaid!

AI Prompting at Light SpeedLet's start with a "mere" light speed pace of progress - rapid but still semi-comprehensible to us mere mortals. Advancements in natural language processing (NLP) are redefining how we interact with AI language models. The need to master complex prompting skills is already hitting light speed towards obsolescence. Soon, seamless AI conversation will be as easy as speaking to a fellow human.

Electric Vehicles at Ridiculous. SpeedKicking it up a notch, we have electric vehicles facing some "ridiculous" future roadblocks thanks to grid limitations, charging station scarcity, and costly manufacturing pivots. These hitches are allowing new fuel sources like ammonia and hydrogen engines to rapidly outpace EVs, bolting ahead at a "ridiculous" velocity that could soon leave battery power in the dust.

Real Estate/Auto Sales at Ludicrous Speed. But it's the real estate and auto sales sectors that are strapping in for a full-on, ludicrous warp into the future at plaid-level velocities. Traditional roles like real estate agents and dealership salespeople are accelerating towards obsolescence, with proptech and automated sales tools replacing human intermediaries faster than you can say "comb the desert!"

The new paradigm? Hyper-personalized digital marketing content creators and CRM-empowered "relationship engineers" building loyalty through custom content rather than transactional product pushes.

So what's the ludicrous future pace of your own business sector? If it feels like you're adrift in an anomaly, powerless to navigate the plaid insanity ahead, maybe it's time to get some expert guidance.

Check out my future(s) readiness services at richardbukowski.com and we'll get your ship's trajectory locked onto the glowing wormhole of progress.

Because in this rapidly evolving universe, idling in neutral means drifting off into the cosmic void of irrelevance.

Let's go plaid together!