Confessions of a Future Self Abuser

Unmasking Your Future Self: Groundbreaking Research Reveals New Insights!

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Recent scientific research has uncovered a game-changing revelation about how our brains perceive our future selves.

Remember how we were taught to think our brains saw our future selves as complete strangers?


It turns out that's not entirely true!

Neuroscientists have discovered that our brains actually classify our future selves as someone we kindddda know, like that old high school friend you keep meaning to catch up with.

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But why is this so important?

Understanding how our brains connect with our future selves can have a profound impact on our decision-making and long-term planning.

By recognizing that our future selves are not some distant, unrelatable entities, we can start to make choices that benefit us in the long run.

Speaking of making better decisions, I've got some exciting news to share!

I've recently revamped my Leadership Imagination workshop, now called: Mastering the Visionary's Toolkit: Imagination and Decision-Making for Industry 4.0.

In this metal-on-metal cutting-edge workshop, we'll explore:

🧠 The role of future self-continuity in decision-making.

🧠 The neuroscience behind imagination and future based decision-making.

🧠 Strategies for overcoming present bias and temporal discounting.

🧠 Techniques for cultivating a future-oriented mindset. And much more!


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If you're a senior leader, (or know one) looking to sharpen your visionary toolkit and stay ahead of the curve in Industry 4.0, this workshop is tailor-made for you, your company, your sector, your industry.

Reach out to sponsor a workshop, invite me to speak at your event, or simply follow me for more Future(s) Thinking insights.

AND, don't let your future self, remain a stranger, someone who you're dodging at parties or possibly ghosting – they need you, damn it, THEY NEED YOU!

Be well and happy,