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    Future(s) with an (S)

    The (S) Represents Multiplicity

  • Future(s) Thinking

    Predicting and preparing for the future can seem like a passive endeavor. However, we must take an active role in molding the future we aspire to.


    While the future may not unfold exactly as we envision, grasping potential paths enables us to adapt, ensuring that we stay proactive. Even if our journey into the future includes some unforeseen detours, we can maintain our course.


    My purpose is to equip organizations, communities, and leaders with the readiness for what lies ahead. I have faith in the human capacity to imagine futures that are improved, more equitable, and sustainable.


    Through my training methodologies and systematic tools, you have the opportunity to foster hope and empower action against the complex challenges that will arise over the next decade.

    Demystifying the Role of a Futurist

    Futurists are often misconceived as mere prophets of the unknown, yet our role is akin to that of voyagers—delving into, conjecturing, and melding current information to foresee possible tomorrows and their consequences.


    We navigate the tension between the impetus of existing conditions and the allure of envisioned prospects.


    At our core, we do not merely conform to the passage of time but rather envision a realm we aspire to manifest.


    However, the odyssey towards the future we yearn for is seldom direct.


    Should entities fail to deliberately carve their trajectory, they stand to devolve into passive spectators, akin to Non-Character Players, merely responding to the narratives crafted by others.


  • Keeping a Eye and Ear on

    Signals from all over the world(s)!

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    One of the key concepts behind halving the reward is to address inflation concerns

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    Proto-Metaverse Round Table

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    Biometric Gait Video

    A person's gait is as unique as their voice timbre. Using this knowledge, gait recognition technology was created based on Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

    ML-based systems can identify a person from an image even if their face is out of view, turned away from the camera, or concealed behind a mask.

  • Workshop(s) & Futurist-in-Residence 


    This is a list of Richard’s most widely used workshops. It is highly recommended that organizations begin with the Future(s) Thinking workshop. It will introduce the basic concepts AND how to build them into your firm.

    Any of these workshops can be combined to focus specifically on the goals within your institution. Each workshop targets a particular organizational sector and internal experience levels and is designed to be tailored to your specific team.

    To keep a focused and valuable workshop, you, your team, or your organization will define 3 to 5 key challenges in discovery, prior to the events.

    Pricing: Custom

    Pricing: Custom on attendee numbers in the workshop and recording of the events are welcome.
    Richard will re-facilitate the workshop, a second time, if necessary, to account for new hires or time zone differences.





    So why invite a Futurist into your organization? We are equipped with a unique perspective, Futurists can offset organizational myopia and promote awareness of broader industry shifts.


    Amidst the hustle of daily operations, a Futurist in Residence offers the strategic foresight required, empowering teams to collectively weave a narrative for a brighter future.


    Why not hire one full-time?

    Futurists thrive best when they are not tied to a single organization. To avoid business myopia, it is vital to maintain an external perspective, ensuring fresh insights and a broad view across industries.

  • Workshop(s) Descriptions

    Future(s) Thinking

    This workshop is designed to transforms how you think and work together to creating a map to the future(s) and looking for new areas where may opportunities exist.


    Discover Forecasting model(s), Scenario building that will help identify new area(s)for action and new need(s) for resource(s).

    Become active with Signals of the Future(s). What fascinating signals in and around your current sectors have you discovered recently?

    Where we are today is an outcome of the past, so our future is the outcome of what we do today. Investigating RetroFuturism preserves and care for the past as a valuable asset as we plan for the future.

    Cultivate a healthy understanding of Science Fiction. turns to science fiction writers to help us build on possible scenarios. We will tap into science fiction which is based on scientific fact to lead to prototype the new future(s).

    Recognize important brain default modes which Neuroscience continues unravel where and which brain systems ignores realities and refreshed with simple neuroplasticity to reach for something new and optimistic for yourself, your company, or possible the world.


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    Late Gen Z (1995-2009) & Alpha's (2011-2025)

    This Workshop brings base and evolving insights into Demographics, Psyche, Culture Strategy, Groupings and more.

    Alpha is expected to grow into being the largest generation in history (2B) by 2025 and early Alphas will reach adulthood by 2030.


    They are the completely digital-first generation and focus is on creating a better world for themselves and others.


    Based on your sector or product needs, Richard’s workshop may include present and future(s) looking research, real-time Forecasts, Simulations building options, Speakers, all focusing upon evolving trends and generational insight(s).

    Imagination Leadership Training

    In Richard's Imagination Leadership Workshop, together you will develop mental flexibility and build a sense of confidence that comes from being able to identify specifics and prebuild concreate actions on how the Future(s) may turn out for YOU.

    Learn deeper understanding of Neuroscience of Future(s). Simple techniques to strengthen brain pathways that support future thinking, simulations skills, positive overlays and tap into greater group intelligence.

    This training requires you and or your leadership team to imagine things that don't exist yet, to invent brand new possibilities, both good and bad.

    Stimulating the "default modes" of the brain which ignores realities and reaches for something new in the world. In part of this workshop, we focus on a specific kind of future imaginings and run simulations experiments are technique to induce creativity.

    Together, we will seek out custom solutions and plan the first action step to suit your organization and propose practical habits which can boost your or your groups capacity to optimistically shape how the future unfolds.

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    Next Frontiers

    Even before today’s Proto-Metaverse (Web 3.0) and ThirdConnected age (AI, Voice/ AR/ VR, Cloud Computing, 5G) our social and business institutions were transforming and sectors were evolving and de-evolving on fast forward.

    This workshop is designed to address deeply transformational trends:


    Afrofuturism, Health care to Technology, from the Workplace to Human Behavior/Identity. The core of this training is to identify emerging continuities and discontinuities that could change your business, your talent requirements, your customers and possibly even your legacy.


    In addition to identifying these changes, stakeholders will also learn how to evaluate them so they can make informed decisions about what they want to do next.


    Together, we can birth and test out new futures that you want to intentionally materialize
    and those that you might want to avoid - and then decide whether to act upon

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    Thoughts, Musings, and Ruminations

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