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    Future(s) with an (S)

    The (S) Represents Multiplicity

  • In the realm of Future(s) Thinking, predicting and preparing for what lies ahead may seem like a spectator sport, but true visionaries know that we must take an active role in shaping the future we desire.


    As a seasoned Futurist, I believe that while the future may not unfold exactly as we imagine, understanding the potential paths enables us to adapt and remain proactive. Even if our journey includes unexpected detours, by mastering the art of Future(s) Thinking, we can stay the course and navigate the complexities of Industry 4.0 and beyond.


    Through my transformative workshops and Futurist-in-Residence program, I equip organizations, communities, and leaders with the skills, strategies, and mindset needed to thrive in the face of uncertainty. By harnessing the power of imagination, we can envision futures that are not only improved but also more equitable and sustainable.


    With a blend of cutting-edge neuroscience insights and practical Future(s) Thinking methodologies, I empower my clients to foster hope and take decisive action against the complex challenges that will arise over the next decade and beyond.


    The Futurist's Journey: Navigating the Uncharted

    Futurists are often misunderstood as mere fortune-tellers, but our role is far more akin to that of intrepid explorers. We dive deep into the present, analyzing and synthesizing information to conjure up visions of possible tomorrows and their implications. Like navigators charting a course through uncharted waters, we deftly balance the inertia of current conditions with the allure of imagined destinations.


    At the heart of our work lies a drive not simply to accept the passage of time but to actively shape the future we wish to inhabit. However, the path to our desired future is rarely straightforward. Organizations that fail to intentionally craft their trajectory risk becoming passive bystanders, mere Non-Player Characters reacting to the narratives written by others. As a Futurist, my mission is to empower individuals and organizations to become the authors of their own stories, to seize the pen and write the future they want to see.



    About Richard Bukowski: Your Guide to the Future(s)


    With over two decades of experience in digital marketing and strategic foresight, Richard Bukowski is a dynamic Futurist dedicated to helping organizations and individuals navigate the complexities of our rapidly changing world. As the founder of Digital Wheel of Fortune (DWoF), his personal brand and future forecasting consultancy based in Queens, NY, Richard brings a unique blend of skills, perspectives, and a touch of magic to his work.


    Through his engaging workshops, inspiring speaking engagements, and transformative consulting services, Richard empowers his clients to embrace a future-focused mindset and develop the skills and strategies needed to thrive in an era of rapid change.


    With a combination of rigorous analysis, creative problem-solving, and a commitment to positive transformation, Richard helps organizations identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities, foster a culture of innovation, and align their practices with evolving social and environmental priorities.


    As a trusted guide and visionary, Richard is dedicated to helping his clients unlock their full potential and create a future they can be proud of.


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  • Workshop(s) & Futurist-in-Residence 

    The Workshops

    This is a list of Richard’s most widely used workshops. It is highly recommended that organizations begin with the Future(s) Thinking workshop. It will introduce the basic concepts AND how to build them into your firm.

    Any of these workshops can be combined to focus specifically on the goals within your institution. Each workshop targets a particular organizational sector and internal experience levels and is designed to be tailored to your specific team.

    To keep a focused and valuable workshop, you, your team, or your organization will define 3 to 5 key challenges in discovery, prior to the events.

    Pricing: Custom on attendee numbers in the workshop and recording of the events are welcome.
    Richard will re-facilitate the workshop, a second time, if necessary, to account for new hires or time zone differences.



    Your Futurist-in-Residence


    In a world of rapid technological advancement and shifting paradigms, staying ahead isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity. As your Futurist-in-Residence, I offer a unique blend of foresight, strategic thinking, and cross-industry expertise to propel your organization into the future.


    Why a Futurist-in-Residence?

    1. Unparalleled Perspective: Gain access to cutting-edge insights and trends that span multiple industries, helping you see beyond the horizon of your sector.

    2. Strategic Foresight: Transform potential disruptions into opportunities with forward-thinking strategies tailored to your organization's unique challenges and goals.

    3. Innovation Catalyst: Inspire your team to think differently, fostering a culture of innovation that drives growth and competitive advantage.

    4. Adaptive Planning: Develop flexible, future-proof strategies that allow your organization to thrive amidst uncertainty and change.

    5. Cross-Pollination of Ideas: Benefit from fresh perspectives and innovative solutions drawn from diverse industries and disciplines.


    My Approach:

    As your Futurist-in-Residence, I don't just predict the future—I help you shape it. Through regular engagements, workshops, and strategic sessions, I'll work closely with your team to:


    • Identify emerging trends and technologies relevant to your industry

    • Analyze potential impacts and opportunities

    • Develop scenarios to test and refine your strategies

    • Foster a future-oriented mindset across your organization

    • Provide ongoing support and insights to keep you ahead of the curve


    Unlike a full-time employee, my role as an external Futurist allows me to maintain a broad, unbiased perspective, ensuring you always receive fresh, cutting-edge insights.



  • Workshop(s) Descriptions

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    Navigating the Next Frontiers: Mastering Industry 4.0


    As we stand on the precipice of Industry 4.0, the business landscape is undergoing a profound transformation. From the rise of the Proto-Metaverse (Web 3.0) to the ThirdConnected age, characterized by AI, Voice/AR/VR, Cloud Computing, and 5G, the pace of change is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. In this rapidly evolving environment, it is crucial for organizations to not only understand the key drivers of change but also to develop the skills and strategies needed to navigate the uncharted territories ahead.


    Drawing upon my extensive experience spanning Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, this workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the complexities of Industry 4.0, tailored to the specific needs, sector, and industry of each sponsor. We will delve into the deeply transformational trends shaping key sectors, including Aerospace, Ocean Conservation, XAI, Biometrics, Internet of oE, Immersive Technologies, Retail, Fashion and Materials, Media, and Entertainment. By examining the emerging continuities and discontinuities within these sectors, participants will gain valuable insights into the potential impacts on their businesses, talent requirements, customers, and long-term legacy.


    Throughout the workshop, we will simplify the hyper-evolving terminologies associated with Industry 4.0, providing a solid foundation for even those new to the concept. By tracing the historical breakthroughs and current developments that have led us to this point, we will create a shared understanding of the forces shaping our future. Participants will learn how to evaluate these changes and make informed decisions about the actions they need to take to stay ahead of the curve.


    By mastering the skills and mindset needed to navigate Industry 4.0, participants will not only be better equipped to adapt to the challenges ahead but also to seize the opportunities that arise. Join me on this transformative journey as we chart a course towards a future of your own design, customized to your organization's unique requirements and aspirations.

    Mastering the Visionary's Toolkit:

    Imagination and Decision-Making


    As a senior leader, you understand the critical importance of navigating the complexities of Industry 4.0. In this bespoke workshop, designed specifically for CXOs and Founders, you'll gain the mental agility and confidence needed to make strategic decisions that shape your organization's future.


    Through a deep dive into the neuroscience of future thinking, you'll uncover the key to unlocking your brain's potential for innovation and effective decision-making. You'll master techniques to strengthen neural pathways, enhancing your ability to envision and plan for multiple future scenarios.


    Immerse yourself in simulations and group exercises that challenge you to break free from limitations and invent groundbreaking possibilities. By stimulating your brain's "default modes," you'll tap into a wellspring of creativity and imagination, essential for thriving in Industry 4.0.


    Under my guidance, you'll explore the transformative power of prospection and mental time travel, enabling you to overcome short-term thinking and embrace a future-oriented mindset. Together, we'll identify customized solutions and actionable steps that align with your organization's unique goals and challenges.


    You'll emerge with a powerful toolkit of imagination and decision-making strategies, empowering you to confidently shape your organization's future.


    Gain practical habits that elevate your capacity for visionary leadership, positioning you at the forefront of Industry 4.0.

    Future (S) Thinking 101



    This workshop is designed to transforms how you think and work together to creating a map to the future(s) and looking for new areas where may opportunities exist.


    Discover Forecasting model(s), Scenario building that will help identify new area(s)for action and new need(s) for resource(s).

    Become active with Signals of the Future(s). What fascinating signals in and around your current sectors have you discovered recently?

    Where we are today is an outcome of the past, so our future is the outcome of what we do today. Investigating RetroFuturism preserves and care for the past as a valuable asset as we plan for the future.

    Cultivate a healthy understanding of Science Fiction. turns to science fiction writers to help us build on possible scenarios. We will tap into science fiction which is based on scientific fact to lead to prototype the new future(s).

    Recognize important brain default modes which Neuroscience continues unravel where and which brain systems ignores realities and refreshed with simple neuroplasticity to reach for something new and optimistic for yourself, your company, or possible the world.


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    Late Gen Z (1995-2009) & Alpha's (2011-2025)

    This Workshop brings base and evolving insights into Demographics, Psyche, Culture Strategy, Groupings and more.

    Alpha is expected to grow into being the largest generation in history (2B) by 2025 and early Alphas will reach adulthood by 2030.


    They are the completely digital-first generation and focus is on creating a better world for themselves and others.


    Based on your sector or product needs, Richard’s workshop may include present and future(s) looking research, real-time Forecasts, Simulations building options, Speakers, all focusing upon evolving trends and generational insight(s).

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